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How to Use Your Dashboard

Platform & Features

How to Use Your Dashboard

The hottest topic in business is data and it’s no big secret. Data driven businesses have a track record of outperforming their less technologically inclined competitors. Helios provides you an analytics dashboard that is automatically updated, easy to read, and has everything you need to know. With 3 simple steps you can get insights on your business and monitor your performance.‍

Step 1

From the homepage select sign in.

Step 2

If you’re already logged in you will see the option to view your dashboard. Select My Dashboard

Step 3

You are now viewing your dashboard. If you have multiple businesses or locations you can verify the account you're looking at across the top of the page. Changing dashboards is as simple as switching between your accounts and reselecting My Dashboard. Now that we’re sure you’re on the right account, let’s walk through the dashboard together.

We started with 3 quick steps to see your dashboard. Here are 3 quick tips for meaningful business insights via your Helios dashboard:

  1. The ratio of sent:received messages is a great way to gauge your audience's engagement.
  2. Higher received messages on lower sent volume (a single bar has lots of light blue and is shorter) imply that the messaging that day outperformed. Consider A/B testing by sending messages on that day/time more frequently.
  3. Notice days where the height of a single bar, or a small group of bars, is significantly lower or higher than the average. Are you falling into cyclical patterns that you’re unaware of? Can you freshen up your messaging routine?‍

Understanding your usage, your audience behavior, the amount of automations triggered, and the growth of your subscriber list (to name a few) will help in maximizing your SMS marketing value. Check out our blog for plenty of tips to see your performance increase!

Happy texting!