Organization Management
Check the Status of a Message

Organization Management

Check the Status of a Message

The 4 message states of a Helios message

In a conversation, the message status will be displayed under the message bubble. The message will state which team member sent the message, the time the message was sent, and the message status icon.

Examples of what message status looks like in a conversation

From the example above, we can see that:

  1. All of those messages were sent by team member Andrew B.
  2. The messages were all sent at 4:25 PM
  3. The messages have different status’ including queued, scheduled, sent, and failed

If a message fails

If a message fails to send, you will see an X, to notify you that the message did not go through. Messages fail for numerous reasons including: wrong number, invalid number, contact gave a landline number, compliance issue, or network outage.

If you notice your messages are failing you can check to ensure there are no Helios outages, which are very rare. To do so, visit

For more information on outages, including subscribing to status updates and reading the status page, check out our documentation on outages