Embracing SMS Marketing's Future in Advertising

Discover SMS marketing truths by debunking myths and highlighting opportunities for customer engagement, loyalty, and business growth.

Mathew Gorka

By Mathew Gorka

February 20, 2023

7 min read

Embracing SMS Marketing's Future in Advertising

In today's world, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages everywhere they go. From TV commercials to social media ads, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and hounded by ads. That's why SMS marketing is quickly emerging as one of the most effective and engaging ways for businesses to connect with customers. In fact, marketing and communicating by text message is so effective, that entertainment companies have begun telling stories by text message format.

However, despite its growing popularity, there are still many myths and misconceptions about SMS marketing that need to be debunked. In this blog post, we'll dispel some of these myths and explore the opportunities that SMS marketing provides.

Myth #1: SMS Marketing is Spam

One of the biggest myths about SMS marketing is that it's spam. Many people think that SMS messages are intrusive and unwanted, but the truth is that SMS marketing is incredibly effective when done correctly. By providing valuable content and respecting customers' preferences, businesses can build long-term relationships with customers that drive engagement and loyalty. Your company should only be messaging parties that consent to your messaging and should always offer an opt out. Following those practices ensures your customers will never feel spammed.

Myth #2: SMS Marketing is Outdated

Another common myth about SMS marketing is that it's outdated. Many customers claim that they feel ‘late to the party’ with SMS marketing. However, the truth is that SMS marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach customers directly and engage them on a personal level. SMS marketing is where email marketing was over ten years ago. Should you incorporate it into your strategy? Yes. If you don't, are you at risk of being left behind by your competitors? Yes. If you’re just now integrating SMS into your marketing strategy you’re not early, but you certainly didn’t miss the party either.

Myth #3: SMS Marketing is Expensive

Some businesses are hesitant to embrace SMS marketing because they think it's expensive. However, SMS marketing can be surprisingly affordable when compared to other marketing channels. Plus, the high engagement rates and open rates of SMS messages mean that businesses can see a high return on investment. At Helios, 99% of our customers see a positive ROI (return on investment) in just one month. That means Helios pays for itself in your first month while adding revenue to your bottom line immediately.

Myth #4: SMS Marketing is Only for Millennials

Many businesses think that SMS marketing is only effective for reaching younger, tech-savvy audiences. However, the truth is that SMS marketing can be effective for reaching customers of all ages and demographics. In fact, many older customers prefer SMS messages over other forms of digital communication. We have two articles about SMS marketing for different demographics and I have to admit, I was even surprised to learn how effective text message marketing is with more senior demographics.

Myth #5: SMS Marketing is Ineffective

Finally, some businesses are skeptical of SMS marketing because they think it's ineffective. However, the truth is that SMS marketing can be incredibly effective when done correctly. SMS messages have an open rate of 98%, compared to just 20% for email marketing. Plus, SMS messages have a response rate of 45%, compared to just 6% for email marketing. The numbers are staggering and clearly show SMS as the best way to engage your existing and future customers.

Now that we’ve observed and debunked some common myths, it’s time to look at the opportunities that SMS marketing presents. Let’s look at some of the reasons your competitors are using text messaging and how your business can leverage this tool.

Opportunity #1: High Open and Response Rates

One of the biggest opportunities of SMS marketing is its high open and response rates. With an open rate of 98% and a response rate of 45%, SMS messages can help businesses connect with customers on a personal level and drive engagement and loyalty. And you can do so without accidentally getting thrown into an email spam folder. If you want to know that your message went directly to each audience member and that they’ve seen your message, there’s simply nothing better.

Opportunity #2: Personalization

Another opportunity of SMS marketing is its ability to personalize messages for each customer. By using customer data to send targeted messages, businesses can provide a personalized experience that resonates with customers and drives engagement. Helios is packed with personalization features. We see personalization as one of the most important features of our platform and your marketing strategy. For tips and tricks regarding, check out our article on personalization.

Opportunity #3: Automation

SMS marketing can also be highly automated, making it a great option for businesses that want to streamline their marketing efforts. By using automated workflows and triggers, businesses can send targeted messages at the right time to the right audience. Automations aren’t just passive for your team, they’re highly efficient. For more on automations and features with Helios, check out the features section of our site.

Opportunity #4: Mobile-First Approach

With more and more consumers using mobile devices to access the internet, SMS marketing provides a mobile-first approach that can help businesses reach customers where they are. Plus, SMS messages are highly compatible with mobile devices, making them easy to read and engage with on the go. No more waiting for the customer to visit your store, site, or app.

Opportunity #5: Versatility

Finally, SMS marketing is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from customer engagement to event promotion to product launches. With the right strategy and approach, SMS marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. We have several articles on SMS marketing strategy in our blog. Here’s my favorite.


SMS marketing is the future of advertising, offering a powerful tool for businesses to engage with customers and build long-term relationships. By dispelling myths and embracing the opportunities of SMS marketing, businesses can harness the power of this channel to drive engagement, loyalty, and growth. So why not give SMS marketing a try and see how it can help your business thrive in today's competitive market? With its high open and response rates, personalization, automation, mobile-first approach, and versatility, SMS marketing is a channel that should not be overlooked.

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